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TADPOLE Challenge

The EuroPOND consortium, in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI), are pleased to announce the launch of

The Alzheimer’s Disease Prediction OLongitudinal Evolution Challenge

In light of the many recent advances in predicting clinical outcomes for people at risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease, it is time to assess which methods perform the best at predicting future data.

So, we are inviting all researchers including clinicians, statisticians, machine learning specialists, data scientists, and computational modelling experts to predict selected outcomes for a set of ADNI participants. Your chosen method will be assessed for its ability to predict future data for these participants.

Challenge details and sign-up: http://tadpole.grand-challenge.org
Submission deadline: 15 November 2017

Let’s predict the future and make Alzheimer’s disease history.


Promotional flyer for TADPOLE Challenge